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TraviAut - Travian Automator

Make Travian Fun Again!

TA is a bot that runs in the background giving you more time to concentrate on the best parts of Travian.

Basic features are for free. You can get more with Plus or Gold edition.

(latest version is 20170123.0)
You will need Java to run this bot.
Upgrade Travian Automator now:

TA Plus

TA Plus to Gold upgrade

Enter your plus key (20 characters)

TA Gold

You should receive the key within several minutes or hours.

Getting started in 3 easy steps

  1. Click settings and fill in your User Agent. You can get your User Agent here
  2. Click "login" and fill in your account info in the following format: username password
    If you have a space in your username or password, use any character as a separator:
    !!user name!pass word
    You can enter multiple accounts one per line.
  3. Close the dialog, it will download the info about your villages automatically. Next time just press "Update".